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Seventy Years of Industrial Minerals, Aggregate Materials and Asphalt Paving Expertise!

  • 1946Some descriptionM&B Asphalt was founded
  • 1972Some DescriptionM&B Asphalt erects Barber Green Plant in Maple Grove
  • 1984Some DescriptionMaple Grove Materials takes over stone operations in Maple Grove
  • 1998-2000Some DescriptionMGQ, Inc. is founded with the construction of an 800TPH crushing plant and an 800TPH aggregate production plant at the Maple Grove
  • 2001Some DescriptionMGQ builds a rail loadout facility for aggregate distribution
  • 2002Some DescriptionMGQ opens operations at the Millersville Quarry
  • 2007Some DescriptionMGQ erects an industrial minerals plant in Maple Grove
  • 2009-2010Some DescriptionWith the construction of four 20,000 ton liquid asphalt tanks, MGQ Terminal is founded
  • 2011Some DescriptionMGQ once again expands its office space
  • 2011Some DescriptionDevelopment of Liberty Quarry proceeds
  • 2011Some DescriptionNew 400 TPH Asphalt plant opens in Alvada OH
  • 2011Some descriptionNew aggregate rail yard opens in Pittsburgh PA
  • 2012Some DescriptionMGQ builds a new aggregate wash plant


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