Optimizing Safety In Aggregate Materials Production

At Maple Grove Companies, safety is more than a buzzword or set of static regulations.
It’s a living value that all of our employees carry in their hearts — and carry
through their every action during the workday. Because no goal is more important
to us than to send each of our employees home in the evening as healthy as they
were when they arrived in the morning.

Training, communication and cultural commitment are critical to preventing
accidents and injuries. Our employees understand that ultimately they are
individually responsible for their own safety and the safety of their fellow
employees. Each participates in an initial 24-hour training course upon joining
the MGQ team. Weekly “toolbox talks” keep safety top of mind. Annual refresher
courses mean our employees are always up to speed on new discoveries as well
as proven protocol in jobsite safety.

In addition to benefitting our employees, working with a company that puts a high
value on safety benefits customers by improving regulatory compliance, reducing
risk and in turn, keeping product costs low.

We’re proud of our safety record and, more importantly, of the employees who
built it by putting safety first every day.


  • Mining Division: 225,000+ employee hours worked without a lost-time, or
    recordable incident
  • Annual MSHA / Holmes Safety Society “Sentinel of Safety Awards”
  • Terminal Division: 20,000+ hours worked without a lost-time, or recordable
  • Construction Division: 125,000+ employee hours worked without a lost-time, or
    recordable incident

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